THERAPUETIC JOURNALING: How writing became an outlet for my physical mental and emotional healing

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As a wife working a demanding job, raising a teen and a toddler, while building a nonprofit organization self-care became a challenge for me. I battled PCOS, postparteum and pandemic depression.Being quarantined in a pandemic while so many social injustice issues were transpiring I gained weight from emotionally eating. I battled depression and being hospitalized due to gallbladder surgery elevated it even more.I was in pain and recovering alone unable to have my husband by my side nor see my daughters weighed heavy on me. My health status played a major role in my negative physical and mental wellness.During one of the loneliest moments of my Iife  I realized that the self-care of  my emotional, spiritual and mental wholeness was vital. While on my journey to healing I realized that everything that manifests starts with your mindset and  the power of our words.I began prayer meditation,writing and reciting daily affirmations while also creating a home workout schedule with customizing my own workouts. 

I purchased a composition book and wrote down wellness and personal growth goals.I  tackled them 1 at a time.It took 3-6 months for me  to develop complete discipline and investing intentionally in every area of my life  became a lifestyle for me.My thoughts became words that lead to action. Shifting my thoughts and words positively transformed me from the inside and out. As a result I transitioned to being vegan and have a consistent fitness life that contributed to my weightless and positive mindset. Depression,insecurity and brokenness doesn't have a face,age or race but it definitely has a voice that needs to be silenced.

Planning purposefully and journaling help me overcome some many life challenges.I imaged so many women fighting the silent battles of depression,exhaustion and just trying to find their purpose in this world.and desiring a I wanted to create judgement free safe space outlets for healing.Tangible impactful products that would inspire other everyday women like me to focus on the importance of intentional self-care through mental wellness, purposeful lifestyle planning and therapeutic journaling. I launched my business during the covid-19 pandemic and created a lifestyle vision book planner that encourages wellness in every area of life from finances,fitness,vision board and even healthy recipes. My book sold out in a month and I later launched 3 journals for women and girls to advocate restoring self-confidence and mental wellness through the power of words or artistic communication. Our ultimate goal is to equip and empower women and girls to be the best version of themselves through purposeful planning,therapeutic journaling & mental wellness. The journey continues.



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