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Our Why?

"Confidence may come natural to some women but in others it has to be built."

Our mission is to create planning and journaling tools that inspire women to prioritize mindfulness, self-care, and a well life balance while pursuing their purpose and accomplishing their goals.

Our products encourage women to extend your attention to the things that add value to your purpose.To not only set goals but actually take the time to visualize, plan short term achievable ones and put them in action while using mindfulness routines to create a well balance life.


 Invest In A Girl's Future Today!

Treasure You Inc. is a continued proud sponsor of B.O.S.M. Inc.It’s always the positive impact for us.It’s the core and driven force of who we are.

Each purchase helps to fund the nonprofit BOSM Inc. "She Wins" scholarship and educational program

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  Meet The Creator

Karima Davis is a devoted wife and mom of 2 beautiful daughters ages 15 and 2 , originally from Lakewood, New Jersey but raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Starting at the early age of 15 years old Karima has spent over 6 years in youth and outreach ministry. Her faith and personal pursuit of physical and mental wellness due to battling PCOS, postparteum and pandemic depression empowered her to transition to a plant based diet with a consistent  fitness and mindfulness lifestyle.As a result she enjoys empowering women to prioritize mindfulness, self-care and create a well balanced life."Planning purposefully and journaling help me overcome so many life challenges.I imagined so many women fighting the silent battles of depression,exhaustion and just trying to find their purpose and a balanced life.As a result Treasure You Inc.was birthed."

Experiencing the negative effects of poverty,homelessness,domestic violence and witnessing substance abuse produced in her a passion for people. and her passion for people and to express the love of God led her to found the nonprofit organization Building Our Sisters Mentality, Inc. in 2017.Her organization advocates the growth and development of women and young girls dealing with everyday life challenges. As the founder she encourages women and young girls especially in low income areas to focus on self-awareness such as mental and physical health, financial planning, entrepreneurship and the prevention of teen/ adult domestic violence along with providing educational grants.


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