We Help Fund Girls Further Education


"She Wins" Educational Grant

"Empowering our girls to walk into their purpose despite social and financial adversities. They are our future and we want it to be full of possibilities."

She Wins” is a one time educational grant in support of minority senior girls pursuing a post secondary education to a 2-4 year college.



  • Application submission starts August 16th of the year prior to graduation and deadline is March 11th of graduation year
  • High school transcripts must be submitted by April 1st of graduation year.
  • Recipient is announced April 11th of graduation year
  • Funds are a stipend presented as a check directly to the student 30 days prior to students admission and is to be used towards necessities for college entry.



  • must attend a Atlanta, Clayton or Dekalb County Public school
  • African american or hispanic female high school student.
  • Must volunteer 2-3 hours to 2 B.O.S.M. Inc Events prior to high school graduation
  • must have a 3.0 GPA
  • must demonstrate a financial need
  • 1 page essay
  • must be accepted and plan to attend a 2-4 year post secondary institution



                         For more details on how to apply  visit                    https://bosmintheatl.org/programs